Friday, May 22, 2015

meet Lucy...

Fine, I am admitting to truly being a certified crazy cat lady...
there are worse things to be & vices to have.

So meet Lucy Lily...adopted from the Eau Claire Humane Society 
just this afternoon.  She is 2 months old--with a purr, but no meow.
Rosie cannot believe my indignation, bringing this little being into
her home.  But I know that my Rosie is lonely since Shawnee passed on.
She will eventually be quite O.K. With this change.

As for me, I am over the moon in love with this sweetie.  The
litter she was from were all named after some sort of Beatle's 
connections...Harrison, Yoko, and of course my little girl - 
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds".

I imagine I will spend a good portion of my weekend with this 
sweetie...lucky me!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

been busy

We filled a dumpster last weekend~ cleaning out our barn,
corn crib and pulling up carpeting in the house.  Then it was on
to spring cleaning...touching everything in the study, living room,
t.v. room, dining room and today our bedroom.  What I didn't feel I 
need went in a bin for Goodwill or my basket to sell at the Hixton 
Antique Mall.  

The dining room has the biggest change, with a wool area rug brought
down from the study.  The room has one cranberry wallpapered wall...and
highlights the Wattsware pitchers from my mom.

The quilt on the table came home from a recent buying trip to
Minnesota ~ I thought I would tuck it away for next Christmas...
but I rather like the colors now.

I gathered greens & raspberry & brought them all to rest
in this room for summer.  It all feels rather festive!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today I put our home back unlikely plan for
Mother's Day ~ but one I relish all the same.  The dining
room, living room & study are all on my list.  I will touch each
item deciding to keep or store away or maybe sell.  Rooms 
will become nests, and just like the busy bluebirds & wrens & 
sparrows at our farm ~ I will feather them.

Yesterday was a busy day, as we filled a dumpster, cleaning out
the corn crib and barn...pulling out carpeting in the house.  We 
ended the day at the Hixton Antique Mall at midnight ~ unloading
a car full of stuff.  Today I continue.

Dave is working, Ian began my day with a the day is mine.
I feel like a bird in flight ~ on a path to finding just the right nesting
material.  Swooping here and there, readying my nest for summer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Early Tuesday morning we said "good bye" to our sweet Shawnee.  He arrived with his brother, McCoy, to our former home in Sun Prairie in 1999.  He traveled to our farm in 2007 and loved this big farmhouse.  He was Ian's boy, and later in life ~ Dave's buddy.  As McCoy was the soul, Shawnee was the heart.  He was a kind, gentle cat....growing to love the little kitten, August Rose, that came to live in our home in the past few years.  He taught her to "flop".  

Last night Dave buried Shawnee in our apple orchard.  He shares a grave with McCoy...who passed on last fall.  I will plant pansies on their grave.

Circles of life.  Each animal on our farm holds a special place in our hearts.  They are our dear hearts.  We know that they will eventually leave us, and we mourn their passing & celebrate their lives.

May their memories be for a blessing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

sometimes I feel like an old goat....

And then just when I make that analogy, I arrive home to
our little herd of goats...and Ralphie barrels across the 
pasture to me.  He kicks up his heals as if the world is only 
delight...and he begs a treat as only his little goatness can.
And I am reminded that old goats are sweet & good & kind.

Maybe feeling just a tad like an old goat is a good thing!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dave & I traveled to our first flea market of the year on 
Saturday....I was thrilled to be on the hunt for farm related 
items.  When I spotted this cow, I about "moo-d".  You 
often see these hung on the side of old barns, and I 
have always admired their folk art charm.  

We were tickled to drive home with Bessie in our backseat!

Friday, April 10, 2015

such blue

Sometimes no words are even needed.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

happy bunny day

Sending many wishes your way for a lovely Easter!  

From my Easter box collection...I do marvel at their charm!

The one above held 120 rabbits!

Love vintage postcards too!

Have a joyous holiday!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

charm is charm & sweet is sweet

I often think how it might be so much easier to not have all
my sweet holiday & seasonal not add & change
my home's feel multiple times a year.  I think that I should pick
a number ~~ say 10, and then only have that many items for 
each celebration.  

And then I look about, at all my dear, sweet, charmers
that join me at different times of the I would 
miss them all.

So, instead I think about converting the space over our 
summer kitchen into storage for all my dear hearts.  This 
space was once a home for hired workers on this farm...
now it is insulated and empty and closed.  What if I added
open shelves and could "shop" my own vintage collection?
What if I didn't have to pack & put away.  What if all my 
littles simply lived in their own room at the top of the stairs,
waiting for their turn to rotate into the farm's other rooms?

Then my mom's floral teapot and adorable sugar & creamer 
would have their turn.  And ducks, frogs & bunnies galore 
would not have a number, just a continued space in this 
heart of mine.  I like that idea so much better....because, 
truly, in the land of Kari ~~ more is indeed more.  And sweet
is sweet....and charm is charm.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

on taking care

A rainy Sunday with no "to do list" reminds me just how busy 
life has been.  I have made it through almost 7 months at my 
new job...taking only a handful of scattered sick/vacation hours in all those
months.  Dave & I continue to run our antique business...working 
two Saturdays each month at the mall we sell at.  Ian has 
moved from Milwaukee to Neenah in the past three months, and I 
have made the 6 hour round trip drive each month to help him set 
up his new place.  Add to that a farm that requires daily chores.

It is no wonder I am feeling a tad worn out.  I appreciate days like 
today when a kitty in my lap or a good movie or this rainy day makes
me slow down & take it easier.  

Do you ever feel like you are on this tread mill, working to meet 
expectation after expectation ~~ often expectations that we personally
have created for ourselves?

I am going to try to be better about time into my 
calendar for catching my breath, more time for things I enjoy.  Step one
was to cancel a work day at the antique mall in April for a day 
at a favorite first flea market.  Step two...adding this mantra,
"Be kind to myself"!  I will try to follow these words, how about you?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

sweet kindness

After returning at almost midnight on Saturday from a visit
to my Ian in Neenah, I really wanted to just attach myself to
the couch today.  But I had a list of chores to be done, and after
sweeping the hayloft, I headed out to our mailbox at the road's edge 
for Saturday's mail.  Attached to our mailbox post, I have a vintage 
egg basket filled with Easter I walked out, I noticed 
something else in the basket ~~ the Midori hydrangia pictured.

Left without a note...a gesture of kindness.  

My sincerest of thanks,

Friday, March 20, 2015

She is here!

With such glee, a warm welcome home is extended to Spring!

I do adore vintage postcards, and tuck them here & there.

Here they are found on an adorably charming green trellis I
found years ago in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Mounted on a narrow
wall, it provides a perfect venue to welcome each season and 
holiday.  I am beyond happy to move all my winter stuff to storage,
and bring out spring!

And let me try to even articulate how our farm welcomes this
season...I am certain I have witnessed the goats "dancing" in 
their pasture and can almost hear the apple blossoms getting
ready to explode in our little orchard.

Welcome home Spring, how you have been awaited!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

almost bunny time...

Even though St. Patty's Day is still here, my mind has turned to
spring...and bunnies...and, my beloved vintage Easter grass!
I have waxed poetic in the past over this green grass.  I have shared
dumpster diving for this wonderful holiday goodness!  And, no, 
the new stuff does not come close to replicating the charm.

I do not know what it is, but I tuck it in every little basket, bowl & cup.
Add an egg or two -- perfection!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

bidding good bye to an old friend

Let me not get too melodramatic, but last week I wrote 
"Cancel" across my subscription to Country Living.  I have 
subscribed to this magazine for far longer than I can recall...
back to the time when country living was hanging dried flowers 
& baskets and stenciled borders. 

I had mourned the ending of Country Home and Home two favorites ~ they had not weathered the 
Great Recession.  But Country Living had hung in there, 
getting thinner with time & becoming a sales catalogue more
than inspiration.  Add to the fact that their features are online...
just didn't seem a worthy investment anymore.

I will miss finding this old friend in my mailbox, but will visit with
her from time to time in the magazine section of the library.

My only current subscription is Midwest Living...and not quite
sure how long that relationship will last.

How about you, do you still get magazines in the mail?  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

green is my color

If you know me well, you know that green is my color...
cannot be denied.  When we first moved to our farm in 2006,
I thought about a different color palette, one with less green in it.
But it did not take long for my beloved green to tap me on the 
shoulder and remind me that our relationship was strong.  And
so I bowed to her beauty, her calm, her reminder that if there is
so much green to be found outside, then surely it is the true 
course to letting nature in.

I found this depression green jar for a song at a thrift sale.

Green McCoy....why yes, of course!

A little green corner of my living room.  Dave & I stood for
a time to win this green dresser at an auction in Eau Claire.
The green ice cream maker was a recent $8 score at a 
thrift sale last fall...I was shocked it was still there when I arrived!

My green couch, walls...even little wooden bench.  My
living room is like sitting in a creme de menthe...with just
enough brown and white to keep it grounded.

What color do you keep coming home to?

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