Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hixton Holiday

This is about as festive as it gets in my booth at the
Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall.

                    Candy cane red and white.

        Green, green, green....with winter white.

                           Pinecone brown...

         Put it all together, farmhouse Christmas!

For all the details about Hixton...head to the right, under "Chapters"!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

some stories find us

There. Right at the edge of the trees. Five sheep - in the snow, close to this abandoned barn. I slow and watch for them along HH in Otter Creek, mulling over their story...checking on them. They make me ponder & wonder.  Purposely, I do not disturb their quiet grazing, nor does the farmer that leaves them water.

I am not sure what story pulls at my heart more.  This barn without a house, left in the woods, orphaned.  Alone.  It looks to have once been part of something grand, a busy place where kids & animals were raised.  Now it stands bewildered by time, lost.  

And this small flock of sheep that have found their own farm on their own journey, homeward.   Twice sold, trailered several miles away to a new pasture.  Twice they broke the fence, traveling back to what they knew.  Now they are not accepted at their old home or welcomed back to their new one.  They have found a fenceless pasture, a lone barn.  They have made their own home somewhere in between. 

A flock became a family.  A barn became a home.  Lost became found.  
These are the stories that find me along these country roads.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas farmhouse kitchen

Holiday magic, to me, is all about the are
but a few from our Meadowview Farm holiday kitchen.

And yes, Dave sneaks in a fishing lure or two!

Hope you are getting that holiday spirit too!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

bits of Christmas

Some little views of Christmas at Meadowview Farm...
bathroom stop first - because the light was just so sweet!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

favorite things

Some of my very favorite vintage finds:
   Majolica creamers
   Pastoral pictures

More favorites:
   Anything green!
   Clock faces

And more:
   Jars of goodies
   Whisk brooms with velvet tops
   Old lace
   Vintage holiday

What are your favorite things?

Friday, November 28, 2014

warmth on a snowy morn

This morning I awoke early, snug robe, furnace
kicked up just a notch, coffee.
I lit the house with the fewest of lights...
would watch morning arrive.

And August Rose watched too.  

I feel so so blessed by all the sweetness of this farm.

My heart is very thankful.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I am a home questions asked, no doubt in my mind.
Home centers me.
I have been away from home since early Sunday.

Started my week with an exceptional adventure with Jani, Nan & Sarah
(you may know them here as the Barn Sale "Barn Cats") at the Columbus Antique Mall!
We shopped & shopped and laughed & laughed.
Good for the soul!

Then I traveled on for a week of training in Milwaukee.
My Ian and his Emma live here.  I was blessed to have supper with
them both on Monday night....with Ian tonight.

But, now my home sickness has more night away.
As I peak at pictures on my blog, I discover just how much I miss home. 
I miss Dave, my kittens, my goats and the warm embrace of our farm.

Ian & I talked about city life and country life last night.
He loves the energy of Milwaukee.  
He is comfortable in this urban setting, with so much to do.
I am so proud of his ability to fit in here.
Me, not so much.
It feels like too much, too many cars, too many unknowns.
I like a slower pace.
I like the comfort of home.

So two more days of training (a great training I might add)--and
then I will point my little blue car toward the NW.
HOME calls to me.

Monday, November 17, 2014

turkey days

Several years ago, Dave & I were antiquing in Appleton, Wisconsin.
We have several favorite antique malls in that area, and are always thrilled to be there!
I was walking the mall in the opposite direction that I usually go, like to mix things up.  I 
rounded a corner, quickly scanning a booth I usually skip because there generally seems to be the same stuff in it every time I have been there.  And this turkey caught my eye.  
Could it be...a 1950's German Steiff mohair turkey with a $9.99 price tag?  
I believe I leaped into the booth, grabbing (with care) this prize!  
I wouldn't even risk leaving it at the front counter while I finished my shopping.  
I am always on the look out for vintage Steiff.....and have never seen a turkey.  
Easily the price should have been 10 times what I paid.  
It is now one of my favorite antiquing stories & finds -- a keeper!

How about you, what is your best find?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

never late for the dance...

                          Earlier arrival then usual.

Certainly snow looks lovely on her first visit, however...would not
have hurt feelings if she decided to come later, just provide a dance
in December with maybe one encore performance in January.

Oh winter, seems we just finished that dance!

Friday, November 7, 2014

so long sweet boy

As this blog has become my journal...I end this day, this week, with a farewell.
My dear McCoy passed on today.  

He was born on January 23, 1999.
His brother, Shawnee, calls for him as I type...a kitty song of good bye.

May his sweet memory be for a blessing.
He certainly was my blessing.

Farewell dear bear.

Beside me...
With that heart on your nose.
Beside me...
Loyalty was what you knew.
Beside me...
Always first on my right, first up the stairs.
Beside me...
True friendship, truer still, love.
Beside me...
now empty.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

feed the kittens

A very wise friend of mine once sent me a card that had asked 
the following question of a 4 year old:
  How do you find happiness?

The little girl replied, "Feed the kittens.  Feed the kittens."

Today I am feeling just a bit sad, dismayed & maybe even dejected.
Thank goodness 13 cats live on this farm...I will be seeking me some happiness.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I know you will remember to...

I live in Wisconsin, some hefty voting will take place on Tuesday!

I suspect that I will be one of the first voters at our Otter Creek Town Hall.
It is always a very emotional experience for me!

My Ian, on the other hand, will vote at the Bayview Library in urban Milwaukee.
I hope there is a line out the door there!

Wherever you are from, I know you will remember & remind others that our vote matters!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

vintage Halloween

       Beloved by many collectors - including me!

There is something magical about Halloween - and
I quite enjoy unpacking & setting out all my goodies...
kind of like when we would sort thru all our candies 
after trick or treating!

I still have 4 plastic Halloween candy containers from childhood.
We used to set these along the picture window in our home in Monona.
Now they live on a window sill at our farm.  The wonderful box of 
Halloween invitations were gifted to me from dear Sarah Dill.  Found at
a garage sale - now a part of my collection....truly adore them!

About 5 years ago, we were given permission to enter an old farmhouse 
that was vacant, but still full of possessions.  The owners allowed us to take
what we would like before the weather & animals got to everything.  Strewn
across an upstair's bedroom were vintage Halloween napkins...somehow 
undamaged despite the rain & raccoons that had gotten in.  I gathered them
and am glad to add some to my collection and have many move on to 
other collections (several still available in my case at the Hixton Antique Mall).

          Vintage Halloween - charmingly perfect!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

it just takes a bit of sunshine

I traveled Friday, a day off, some things on my mind.  I found
myself sitting at a little auction in Independence, Wisconsin.
Maybe thirty chairs set up in tidy rows in the front yard of a home 
that would itself be auctioned off at 12:30.  Most of many years of
collecting packed in boxes, unloaded and sold one by one.  The
collector now living in a nursing home.  We gathered as this small
community, bidding on one after another lot.  On the surface, a very
solemn event...dispersing a lifetime of a home, carried off, collections 
divided many times.  My number 36 was raised, very select choices...
one of her cow creamers, several of her hen on a nest, two of her milk
bottles~~ one from Augusta meant to add to my own collection.  One
bid after another, I spent a morning as part of this group of bidders,
dispersing a lifetime.  But I know I will love the milk bottle I won -- as will
the person who eventually picks up the little cow creamer & takes her home.
Sure, this is all stuff....but stuff certain to hold stories & maybe a memory or two.

I will remember that chilly morning on October 17 ~~ sitting on a folding 
chair, raising my number, adding ever so selectively to my own story,
my own memories.

It only takes a bit of sunshine reflected just right to make a rainbow.  

As I carefully packed my treasures, folding them into my raincoat,
I knew I carried off with me pieces of someone's life.  Little shimmers,
little fragments of color, little stories.  

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