There will not be a Meadowview Farm Barn Sale in 2014.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

just be

My mantra for today, for this week, for this year:

"Just be."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

sun flower time

they grow & grow & grow & grow

~ ~ ~  then Bloom ~ ~ ~

           Such happy flowers!

Monday, August 18, 2014

my news

This vignette is very representational of me, Kari.
The smaller vintage sketch is of an apple tree...
my ode to our beloved farm and orchard.
The larger sketch is by Carl Larsson...
who lived about the time our farm was born ~ it is
a picture of a young woman, her back to us, holding a wreath. 
The mirror to the right is from my childhood home, 
passed down from my grandma.  

As you may know, I am contemplative, a bit vintage.  
I am also passionate about advocating 
for children & families ~ that is the teacher in me.  

My Ian recently shared what he believes
to be my foible, he shared that "I care too much".  
And I suppose I do.

I believe a life lived with compassion & passion, is a life well lived.
My news is not about antiques, our farm, barn sales or kittens & goats.  
That is all a part of who I am, as is my work life...which I tend to 
not write about here.  What I do know is that I must be passionate about 
my work, and I have always been fortunate to have just those kind of jobs.

So, my news is that I am taking on a new challenge...
one that fills me with great pride.  I have accepted the position 
of Executive Director of the Family Resource Center of Eau Claire 
& Dunn Counties.  This wonderful agency grew from a community 
vision about 15 years ago to provide multi faceted support to families.
From Playgroups to support to teen parents to support for incarcerated families 
to trainings, etc....if there is a way we can support positive parent/guardian and child
interactions, we are there.

This is my news, and I am feeling very lucky.  It is time for a change!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

waiting, hoping....

~~ potential change is looming~~

Hope to share some very good news soon...

Until then, enjoy my August Rose in the stair rails!

Friday, August 8, 2014


Of course I needed I threw some seeds in an old water trough,
and the blossoms have arrived!  I am anxious to see how this raised garden works!
I figure I may have to provide some support as the pumpkins get bigger.  Love a 
little horticulture experiment!  And, love the prospect of pumpkins!

        Almost pumpkin time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

filling in

My favorite local nursery has now reduced hours and
diminished plant stock.  All the same, I recently was 
there on a mission to find some hardy fillers for my planters.

I start each spring with my beloved pansies & violas...which
tend to hang in there, but with certain disdain for hot days.  
They begin to straggle over the edges & yellow....blooming 
with their little faces all the while.  So I grab whatever 
annual looks like it will take my planters into fall.  Sedge is
my new favorite...a tall brown grass with curly tops.  Lettuce
in a deep burgundy will will Asparagus Fern.

I dig them in around the yellow violas.  Smooshing in
some Thyme for good measure.  This vintage metal 
ice cream chair was missing a enamelware
pan (with several rusted holes for drainage) is perfect.

Tucked a bunny in with the plantings....why of course!

It does make me a tad sad when the summer plantings begin
to round the bend on their way to Autumn~~ but I do so
love that season, too!

How are your gardens?  Do you fill in too?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

my nest

This is where I sit, reading & thinking.  Dave has his bait shop open, the 
farm cats all have found nap spots, and the goats graze or stand 
on their bridges awaiting a troll.  The birds sing...and it all feels a bit

Just this morning I found a bird on my steps, perhaps she had 
flown into a screen, all the same she let me lift her to the safety of a raised 
planter until she was ready to fly off.  I assume she may be sitting in a tree 
branch above me as I write this on my deck....knowing I am the being 
that shares this farm with her.  That her home is here.

I look around and feel just a bit awestruck.  This lovely farm is mine...
and I am hers.  We both found each other at that moment when we
both needed each other.  Just as I helped to breathe life back into 
her nooks & crannies, she did the same for me.  I wonder what I 
would have missed if we had not made that unpretentious 
decision that we would live on a farm in western Wisconsin. 

Just like that bird, I had flown into life head first.  This farm picked me 
up, ever so gently, and welcomed me home.  And this is my nest.

Friday, August 1, 2014

room with a view

I quite adore a sweet feel very lucky
that the row of Peegee Hydrangeas I planted about 5 years
ago provide a lovely view.  I try to plant off center so
that the view is accentuated not blocked.  
*Helps to have a sweet August Rose in the window too!*

Here is the same window from outside against 1857 brick.
Peegee Hydrangias turn a lovely pink as we enter Autumn.
And they dry quite beautifully too.  I ordered them as 
bare root stock and first planted in the spring.  They were 
planted a tad over a mower width from the house, so we can
mow behind & around.

And look what those beautiful Hydrangias hide...command central
(air conditioning unit & Dish Satellite).

 I did the same with our kitchen window, 
 with sunflowers....should be blooming soon.

Ah...a room with a floral view!  
What is your favorite view?

Monday, July 28, 2014

addendum....fawn update

Sometimes stories have a happy next chapter!
And so it is with the prior post...."beyond my reach".

I received a message at my office this morning from Dave.

He had stopped at our neighbor's place this morning.
They spend many hours on their porch, with an avid eye
for the comings & goings of farm & wild life.
They knew the doe had been hit....

And they shared that her twin fawns had been out in the dusk since,
playing in the soy beans across the road from our farm & near a creek.

My day begins & ends with a happy heart!

This little fawn is a 1948 Gilbert Boese paperweight.

Friday, July 25, 2014

beyond my reach

Earlier this week, a doe was hit in front of our farm.
I heard the thud, Dave checked in with the truck...they 
were fine, the deer was not.  Remarkably, Dave noticed all of our
barn cats out in the front yard in the dusk...near to where the
doe died.  He said it felt quite odd, like perhaps they had heard her
last call & come out, checking on her too.

The next morning Dave moved the doe to the woods across from us.
That evening, just after dark, he heard a bleating sound coming from the 
corn field near our driveway, near where the doe was hit.
We are certain she left a fawn.  

We sought out a nature rescue in Colfax equipped to accept orphaned deer.
She advised us on how to contain the fawn, what to give it (Gatorade),
and to call her if we found it.  

Dave walked the area where he heard the sound the next morning.  Today, I 
walked the corn field and the meadow at its edge.  Walking, calling out softly, 
looking for any sign of trampled ground, of a scared fawn.  But there are acres 
of corn planted in tunneled rows.  There is dense growth at the edge & around.  
To find an animal, even the size of a fawn, is like seeking a needle in a haystack.

So we wait & listen.  We will wait & hope.  Nature cannot be controlled, 
it moves in its own way.  It breaks our heart when we are helpless.  Like that nest blown 
from the treetop, that rabbit in the tallons of a hawk, that mother combing the
fields for a speckled baby.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

little things

Anyone who has been to my home, seen my case at
the Hixton Antique Mall or attended one of our Barn Sales
know I have this affection for little vintage finds.

I love much that they often are changed for each 
season & celebration.  They make me smile, just do!
Here are some little German made girls.

My ode to our farm's history as a dairy farm.

Bunnies that have yet to hop away since spring.  
These two are German candy containers.

I am drawn to was delighted to attend an estate 
sale this past Friday with home owners with the same affinity.
I left with a box full of little finds, many that traveled to my 
case & booth at Hixton on Saturday.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

apple box storage

I had this blue metal shelf for sale at my last
October Barn Sale.  It didn't sell, so we took it 
to my booth at the Hixton Antique Mall.  I placed a
fruit box I had for sale on it and realized that this could be 
a fabulous storage shelf in our laundry room.  So I 
"bought" it from myself!

I left it at the mall for a few months with a "sold" on it.....
It added some nice color & display space.  We brought 
it home this past weekend & I gathered up all the fruit 
boxes around the house.  It fit perfectly where I had hoped
it would in our laundry room.  It now holds all our "smalls" 
for the antique mall and our pricing tool box.  We now have
a tidy area to store our items before they travel to be sold.

I love the color of the end labels on the apple & pear boxes...
and they hold a lot!  

This old shelving has the added bonus of folding 
up flat.  Dave & I figure if we ever become flea market
vendors, it will be perfect to sell from too!

Here it is looking quite happy!  The table at
the front is the work table in our laundry room.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

farm kitchen redone

I have this thing for blue & green....
And cows, tin, list of likes is large!

So, on a stop at T.J. Maxx on Friday, of course 
the blue & green tablecloths caught my eye.  I have
learned that tablecloths or shower curtains are a much
cheaper mode of acquiring great fabric.

By combining a table runner & tablecloth in the same fabric,
I was able to quite easily make a new sink skirt for our original sink.
*The trick is to save/use as much of the hemmed edges in your work!

Although I am not one for matchy matchy, right at this moment
I like the matching tablecloth on our kitchen table.

All the fabric was about $25.00 ~ including the tablecloth.  And I 
know it will be happy in the washing machine it was all 
meant for table use.

Another view of the table...the chairs are all painted
with scenes from our farm.  The large jelly cupboard in the
background is about the same mid-1850s vintage as our farm...
it is our kitchen pantry.  

And here is the sweet sink again, all dressed up with a new skirt.
I attach all my sink skirts via Velcro, so this can be swapped
out with the previous one when desired.

Close up of the fabric.  Will work nicely into Autumn!

How about you, what are your current "go to" colors?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

clip clip here

Whenever I give my summer plants a "haircut", I
try to just toss the excess in my clipping bag.
But every time I do, I end up seeking out all the
little blossoms, untangling them from yard clippings...
And into the house they come.
Seeking a bit of morning light to capture these sweet pansies.
And what little nose is to the right?

My August Rose is always curious!

Sweet little faces!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

on letting go

I feel quite was just about a year ago that
I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I will never
forget the haste my primary doctor used in scheduling
a mammogram & ultrasound at Mayo for the day after my
physical.  When they asked me to step in for a second 
ultrasound that day, I figured it was not a good sign.  I sat 
alone in a waiting room with a woman with a rich Russian accent.
I will always remember her saying, "don't cry".  Couldn't 
promise that, wasn't sure why I had chosen to go it alone
that day......the independent rebel in me I guess.  
Lesson one, letting go may require some support.

So there it is, this journey called "life".  I do believe one lesson we 
all face as part of our test is to let go.  As someone who likes a tad 
bit of control, letting go is a hard lesson to learn.  But I've done it...
we all do it.  Call it faith, hope or simply coping, we do it.

Through letting go as our children leave home.  Through letting go as our parents 
pass on.  Through letting go as age visits us and easy endeavors are 
less easy.  We learn this lesson over & over until we figure it out.....kind of.

As a teacher, I knew the importance of celebrating arrival & departure with my
kiddos.  We always had some routine that marked the start & end of 
our time together.   We needed to honor each "hello" and each "good bye". 
I would help them learn about making choices, doing it by themselves and 
how to move on to the next adventure.  I travel these same lessons to 
my parenting...and relish when my Ian still calls home for advice on starting
or ending an adventure.  

I always figure it takes a full year after a significant loss to begin to let go.  It
feels like we have to carry it through every season, introduce the change to
each ritual, to each holiday, to each month.  Testing how the change effects
us, similar to putting our toes in the water.  Once we get through the year, it
still remains with us, but perhaps in a new way...a life affirming way.  It can 
actually make us wiser, stronger, and ready for what awaits us next.

Letting go.  Living on a farm has also tested my resilience & calm fortitude.  When
you watch a storm build across the fields & head in your direction, you can only
"batten down so many hatches".  At some point you have to let go.  To know 
that this is bigger than you, out of your control and that you will get through it.

So, what are the lessons I feel have gotten me here, a year later....changed, but perhaps 
a bit stronger:

1.  Storms happen. 
2.  The only way through loss is  t h r o u g h  it.
3.  Letting go does not mean giving up control, just changing our perspective.
4.  Kindness matters.
5.  We make it.  We all will & do.  And it will change us.
6.  Finally, celebrate the journey, through each arrival & each departure.

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